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New car models

In this section we're looking forward to some of the new car that will arrive in 2007, 2008 and beyond.
If you have information about any new models that are on their way, then please send details to us here at The Car Club. You can discuss any of the new models listed here in our forum

Other Information

New Cars 2007

Most of the major manufacturers have new models to look out for in 2007, including a number of completely new cars, and of course a number of updates to existing models. Please let us know if you're aware of a new car for 2007 that we haven't listed here.
Information by: Hobbs

New Audi Models for 2007

Audi are expected to release a new A3/S3 in 2007. There will also be new variations of its existing line up, including a the 2WD and 4WD roadster versions of the new Audi TT (in time for next summer we hope).
Information by: Hobbs

New Ford Cars

There are some great new Fords on the way, including a revised Mondeo in 2007, followed by a new Fiesta and hopefully a Puma sports coupe in 2008.
Information by: Hobbs

The New Ford Puma

The last time Ford updated the Fiesta platform they chose not to build a Puma variant, so the incredibly popular little coupe was dropped from the range. However, the great news is that a new Fiesta is due in 2008, and this time the platform is expected to form the basis of a new Puma.
Information by: Hobbs

Ford Mondeo 2007

Ford's Mondeo gets a major update in 2007 and of course this is a huge event for the company. We're expecting the new car to be the new star of the Ford range, as the company can afford to take no chances with this best selling model.
Information by: Hobbs

New Lancias for 2007

There is some expectation that Lancia will produce a production version of its stunning Fulvia concept in 2007, though this may be wishful thinking. A new Lancia Delta is a more likely proposition.
Information by: Hobbs

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan's new five seat SUV is expected to hit the UK streets early in 2007. It seems the British public can't get enough of SUVs these days, so the new Nissan, with prices starting from 15,000, will almost certainly be a big success.
Information by: Hobbs

Peugeot 207CC

Peugeot's new 207 was launched this summer after being shown to the public for the first time at the 2006 Geneva Motor show. The 206 and it's Citroen stablemate the Saxo were tremendously important cars for Peugeot Citroen, so how does the new 207 compare with the outgoing model?
Information by: Hobbs

Vauxhall FLV (Future Large Vehicle)

Vauxhall have been releasing some exciting new cars over the last few years, and the trend looks set to continue with the cars they are about to release. We particularly like the look of the new large vehicle they have in the pipeline - the FLV.
Information by: Hobbs

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