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Peugeot 207CC

Peugeot's new 207 was launched this summer after being shown to the public for the first time at the 2006 Geneva Motor show. The 206 and it's Citroen stablemate the Saxo were tremendously important cars for Peugeot Citroen, so how does the new 207 compare with the outgoing model?
As you would expect with such an important new model, Peugeot have done everything in their power to ensure the new car's success. It has a good list of features and build quality looks very good.
Whereas the previous 207 looked quite similar to the Saxo apart from their lights, the new 207 and the Citroen C3 look very different to each other. In terms of styling the Citroen cars are more distinct from their predecessors, whereas the 207 clearly looks like an evolution of the previous design. The changes are still distinctive though, especially the new trademark Peugeot smiley mouth look on the front of the car.
As before, the range features a good choice of engines from the 1.1 litre entry model right up to a 2 litre in the GTi.
The outgoing 206 was a very popular car, particulary with younger drivers, and it looks to us that the 207s will be equally successful. Right now, the new car seems to have the edge over many of its rivals, though of course other manufacturers won't be standing still. BMW have major revisions to the mini on the way, so although the GTi will probably have the edge over the outgoing Mini, we fully exepct the new one to give it a run for its money.
Peugeot are also replacing the incredibly popular 206CC Convertible Coupe with a new 207CC version. The 206 was one of the first popular C/C cars available in the UK, though over the years most of the major manufacturers have added similar vehicles to their line ups. The new 207CC looks to get back ahead of the competition with sleeker new lines. On this type of vehicle, one of the downsides is the bluky boot required to store away the hard top. On larger cars it seems to be less of an issue, but small CC cars often seem to have bloated rear ends. Peugeot seem to have addressed this to some extent on the 207CC, though to us it still looks a little heavy in that respect. Many buyers will admire the look of the new car though, and in any case, it seems a small price to pay for the fun that a convertible Coupe offers.

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