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New Ford Cars

There are some great new Fords on the way, including a revised Mondeo in 2007, followed by a new Fiesta and hopefully a Puma sports coupe in 2008.
Please let us know if you have any other information on these new Fords, or if you are aware of a new Ford model for the UK that we haven't got listed here.

Other Information

The New Ford Puma

The last time Ford updated the Fiesta platform they chose not to build a Puma variant, so the incredibly popular little coupe was dropped from the range. However, the great news is that a new Fiesta is due in 2008, and this time the platform is expected to form the basis of a new Puma.
Information by: Hobbs

Ford Mondeo 2007

Ford's Mondeo gets a major update in 2007 and of course this is a huge event for the company. We're expecting the new car to be the new star of the Ford range, as the company can afford to take no chances with this best selling model.
Information by: Hobbs

New Ford cars for 2007, 2008 and beyond

2007 Ford Focus C-MAX SUV

Meanwhile, the Fusion's bigger brother, the C-Max, will be getting a soft roader sibling, the C-Max SUV.

2007 Ford Ka

After a mild facelift in 2006, the Ka gets a complete re-working in 2008 which will probably result in it growing up slightly to differentiate it from the new smaller City Car.

2007 Ford Mondeo

One of Ford's most important models, the popular Mondeo, get's a major revision in 2007. Ford will be almost as nervous as they were when they upgraded the old Focus in 2006. However, the new car will of course use a variation of a platform already tried and tested on numerous models, including the Focus itself.

2008 Ford 'Puma'

One car from 2008 that we're very much looking forward to is the new 2008 Puma. The old version was a fantastic little car at a great price, so we're hoping for more of the same in an updated package.

2008 Ford 'sub-B' city car

Ford's City Car is going to be a late arriver on the scene. Most major manufacturers have had smaller alternatives to the Ford Ka for a number of years, and even the Peugeot / Citroen / Toyota joint venture - the 107,C1,Aygo - will be 2 years old by the time the Ford City Car arrives.

2008 Ford Bronco

The Bronco name will be resurected this year, but unlikely to be seen in the UK.

2008 Ford Fiesta

An all new Fiesta is believed to be on the way for 2008, It's going to be a busy year for Ford with various other new models coming out in 2008, including the Puma which will use the new Fiesta's platform.

2008 Ford Fiesta B-MAX

In 2008 the Fusion will be replaced by a new compact SUV in the shape of the Fiesta B-Max.


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