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Car Insurance Groups and Model Information

Car insurance groups give an indication of the cost of insuring a particular car. They obviously don't tell you exactly how much the insurance is going to cost as so many factors are involved.
If cheap insurance is important to you then choosing a car with a low insurance group is critical. This particularly applies to younger drivers, or drivers with recent claims or convictions.
To an mature driver without any recent speeding fines and a full no claims bonus, the insurance group won't make a huge difference in your premium - yes, of course you'll pay a lot more for your insurance on a group 20 car than you would on a group 1, but the difference will be probably be hundreds of pounds rather than thousands. Conversely a younger driver with any convictions or claims will find it almost impossible to get insurance on a car that falls into any of the highest categories.
Even for drivers with good driving records, some insurers won't be interested in the very highest groups. We found some wouldn't touch anything over about 18 and there may be others who prefer to stick to the cars in groups 1 to 10. When looking for insurance on a Porsche Boxster S, we also found one or two insurance companies who would only insure a maximum value of 40,000 so the that excludes new models of most of the Porsche range as it doesn't take many Porsche options to push the cheapest models over that limit, and the Boxster S at the time was around 40,000.
The insurance groups in our lists have been compiled from a variety of sources. In our experience there seems to be some difference of opinion on the exact group for many cars; in these cases, our data reflects an average figure. Our Insurance Group figures are never intended as an absolute guide, rather they're an indication of which cars are going to cost a lot to insure and which cars won't. For precise figures we recommend you contac your insurance company, broker or agent. They will have a list of insurance groups for almost every possible vehicle and that will be the insurance group used to set the price for your insurance.
As always, our advice is to shop around for insurance whatever your circumstances are. You can almost always find a cheaper quote, though do take note of the level of cover offered; there is no point getting 'cheap insurance'; what you want is good insurance for the lowest possible price.

Other Information

What Insurance Group is your car

Please help us to maintain our insurance group tables by notifying us of any differences between the numbers that we have compiled and the one you are quoted for your car.

Ford Insurance Groups

Ford insurance spans pretty much the entire range from the Ka (from group 2 usually) right up to the GT at group 20 (though in fact it's no longer possible to buy a new GT from a Ford dealer).
Information by: Hobbs

Lexus Insurance Groups

It will be no surprise to Lexus owners that the insurance group of their car is somewhat higher than the group for a similar 'non-prestige' car.
Information by: Hobbs

Aygo Insurance Groups

Toyota's new city car, the Aygo, attracts a group 1 rating across the board. Is it really that low an insurance risk?
Information by: Hobbs

Select a make for insurance group information

Insurance group information for a variety of manufacturers' cars is available by selecting one of the links from this list.


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