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What Insurance Group is your car

Please help us to maintain our insurance group tables by notifying us of any differences between the numbers that we have compiled and the one you are quoted for your car.
Whilst we're convinced that none of the groups in our list are wildly out, we may have minor differences between our numbers and those used by your insurance company. If you spot a significant difference then please let us know.
Although groups depend on a huge number of factors, in fact, it's reasonably easy to spot whether a group is badly out. We all know that the groups reflect a car's risk and broadly that adds up to the cost of repair and the likelyhood of it being in accident or being stolen. Clearly, sporty models tend to be more expensive to repair, more likely to be stolen, and more likely to be involved in an accident. Thus, you would expect small, slower cars to have low groups, and larger, faster cars to have high ones. Convertibles often attract a slightly higher group than their hard top equivalents (where appropriate) and certainly in the past automatics tended to pick up a group one or two lower than their manual counterpart. However:-
Improvements in technology have tended to improve the security of convertibles, though they're still more expensive to repair than fixed roof models, so you can still expect to pay slightly more for insurance on a convertable compared to a saloon, coupe, hatchback or estate.
Traditional Automatic gearboxes still tend to mean lower insurance, but the latest computer controlled clutchless systems are often now just as costly as manual cars; the insurers have noted that now the 'automatic' versions of many cars are just as quick, if not quicker, then those with a traditional stick shift.

Other Information

Car Insurance Groups and Model Information

Car insurance groups give an indication of the cost of insuring a particular car. They obviously don't tell you exactly how much the insurance is going to cost as so many factors are involved.
Information by: Hobbs

Ford Insurance Groups

Ford insurance spans pretty much the entire range from the Ka (from group 2 usually) right up to the GT at group 20 (though in fact it's no longer possible to buy a new GT from a Ford dealer).
Information by: Hobbs

Lexus Insurance Groups

It will be no surprise to Lexus owners that the insurance group of their car is somewhat higher than the group for a similar 'non-prestige' car.
Information by: Hobbs

Aygo Insurance Groups

Toyota's new city car, the Aygo, attracts a group 1 rating across the board. Is it really that low an insurance risk?
Information by: Hobbs

Select a make for insurance group information

Insurance group information for a variety of manufacturers' cars is available by selecting one of the links from this list.


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