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Our Systems

At present, the car club website is created using a Content Manager produced by T600 Ltd and at present, we expect to continue to use this syste to maintain the site, though we are open to alternatives if we should find any problems with this option.
Right now, we're simply publishing basic information about the club, and a little bit of info regarding the cars owned by some of the members. And of course we're looking for input from potential new members to help us set the direction of the club.
For our current purposes, the T600 Content Manager meets our needs, and as we know the developers we're able to get enhancements made that will benefit the site. We like the fact that the system is easy to use, and produces validated web pages, and we look forward to further enhancements that will make the site even better.
The Club's new forum is based on phpBB because we have found that system offers great features. However, we may consider migrating to an alternative - such as Invision Power Board or perhaps the T600 forum software when that is released next year. For now, the site integrates with the phpBB forum, so if you set up a username and password on our forum, you can use that to access the parts of the site that are hidden from public view.
We appreciate any comments you may have on how to improve the site.
Thanks. Hobbs

Other Information

The Car Club - Home Page

Welcome to The Car Club - a new club for car owners.
Currently, the club is in the process of being formed, and we're looking for people to help us get it off the ground. Sorry, we're not offering any financial rewards for this, you'll simply get the satisfaction of being involved in something new from the very start.
Information by: Admin

Proposed Rules

As with everything else, our rules aren't fully formulated at the present time. We expect we'll need a charter that defines what we expect from members and what they expect from us. We don't expect that will be too tricky as no money should be changing hands, though there are a few ground rules that need to be covered.
Information by: Hobbs

Language and Content Restrictions

As has been stated elsewhere, the major part of The Car Club is public domain, and as such should be free from profanities and NWS (Not Work Safe) content. This submission raises a question about normal content on the site.
Information by: Hobbs

Latest car news October 2006

Here are the latest headlines from the motoring world in October 2006. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the news items headlined here. And if you have any more details on any of these topics, or relevant photographs then please let us know.
Information by: Hobbs

Discounts on Veloce Automotive books for Car Club Members