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Latest car news October 2006

Here are the latest headlines from the motoring world in October 2006. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the news items headlined here. And if you have any more details on any of these topics, or relevant photographs then please let us know.

The Paris Motor Show 2006

The Paris Motorshow opened at the end of September, and ran for the first two weeks of September. As always, the show featured a number of new concept cars which hinted at the future direction leading manufacturers will be taking.


Audi's most exciting new vehicle at the show was the stunning R8 which offers Gallardo like performance in a new Audi body. VAG are recouping part of their investment in Lamborghini by applying the Lambo's 5 litre V10 to the R8. Despite having similar performance to the Gallardo, the Audi flagship is expected to cost considerably less, with a list price as much as 50,000 lower than the Gallardo's 120,000 price tag. If this expected price of less than 75,000 is correct, then that's incredible value for money for a supercar.
Lamborghini Gallardo Vibe %5BMax Power 2005%5D

Lamborghini 5 litre engine for R8


Citroen's major new concept car is an exciting coupe named C-Metisse, and is a hybrid which is said to offer clues about the future styling of Citroen's C4 and C5 models.
Citroen C4 Front

Future C4 styling may follow C-Metisse lead

Knowing Citroen's reputation for offering cars that are slightly different to the norm, we can imagine that they will run with certain aspects of this bold new look, though it's unlikely that the concept's lambo style doors will make it to the roadgoing versions.


Lexus used the Paris show to premiere their new LS600h. The new hybrid joins the GS450h and the RX400h in the company's impressive line up of hybrid vehicles. It's interesting to see Lexus aiming their Hybrids at the top end of the market. Parent company Toyota's Prius has long been aimed at a more conservative buyer, but Lexus clearly figure there are plenty of people who want to drive large, powerful cars, but who still want to reduce their impact on the environment if they can do so without sacrificing style, comfort and performance.

Other News

AC to return

We've recently heard exciting news of a revival of the famous AC badge. The badge used on the legendary Cobra could be making a re-appearance on a new sportscar based on the Smart Roadster. This sounds like a winner to us; the Smart was a great little car, but lacked a little in terms of performance and badge, and was only available with an auto box. Hopefully the desingers of the new car will address these issues and bring us a sporty, but economical and environmentally friendly sports car with a legendary badge on the front. We can't wait for further news on this development.

New Jetta Launched

VW's new Jetta range has been launched. The Golf sized VW with a boot is back wearing the Jetta badge once again, rather than the name Bora which adorned the booted version of the last Golf. PRiced at just under 15,000 the new car has a high level of standard equipment, including Climatic Air-Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Rain Sensing Wiper Blades and a rear view mirror which dips automatically.

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