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Toyota Corolla 1991 - 1997 ( Generation 7)

I've been a proud owner of a Seventh Generation (E100 Series) Corolla since I bought it new in 1994 (12 years ago at this time). Whilst it's certainly not one of the most exciting cars ever made, its reliability has been faultless, and it does everything I expect of it without fuss or complaint.
My Corolla is a 1994 Gen 7 (E100) and it has a 1.3L 4E-FE engine which produces 88bhp; so it's not that fast, but it's fast enough for todays roads.
In the 12 years I've owned it (bought new from a Nottinghamshire Toyota Dealer) it has never let me down. It has full Toyota service history and has had a couple of pieces replaced - new tyres, battery, front discs and a couple of sets of wiper blades, but that's the lot apart from routine service items like plugs, oil and coolant.
Not bad for so many years happy motoring. Even the tyres have only be replaced a couple of times, and they hadn't worn out, they were just getting a little old so I was advised to change them. I guess it hasn't got the power to rip them to shreds as some cars do. A set of four only costs about 100 so bargain really.
I keep getting told I should be buying a new car now, but I'm so reluctant to do so when the Corolla's still going fine. If I could change anything I'd add electric windows (available on some Rollas of the day, but not mine) and Air-Conditioning for the summer (which I don't think was available at all on the 7th Generation, though I could be wrong about that.
If I was buying a new car I'd start by driving a more recent Corolla. I didn't like the look of any of the variations of the 8th Generatin Corolla (1996 - 2001) though I do quite like the latest version (the 9th Generation). I'm very fussy about the quality of the seating in a car though, and find that my car is amazingly comfortable even on long journeys, so that will be an important factor in chosing my new car when I do get round to it. Perhaps I'll stick with my current Corolla for a little longer. :-)

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Toyota Corolla

Toyota's biggest selling car has been popular since it was launched in 1966. But sadly, on its 40th anniversary, we hear the news that the name is to be dropped and its replacement (expected in 2007 or 2008) will have a different name.
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