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Motoring Advice

In this section of our site we'll be bringing you useful information on all aspects of motoring, from learning to drive and buying a car, to looking after it and getting the most out of it so that you enjoy your driving to the full.
We intend to cover a broad range of subjects including:-

Driving your car

  • Driving Lessons,
  • Advanced Driving,
  • Track Days

Running Costs

  • Purchase prices
  • Depreciation
  • Car Insurance
  • Fuel prices and consumption
  • Breakdown Insurance
  • Servicing frequency and cost
  • Repairs
  • Modifications
  • Selling your car

Technical Help

  • Faults
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Simple Enhancements and Modifications
If you have some information on any of these issues, or would like to suggest other items that should be covered, then please contact us. We'd be very pleased to receive your input on these matters. You can comment on any article or photograph by joining our forum.

Other Information

Car Insurance Advice

As most drivers are aware, some form of insurance is required by law, but few think very much about their insurance until they need to call on it.
Information by: Hobbs

Reducing Car Insurance Premiums

Apart from choosing the right level of cover, we feel that the most important factor in reducing your premium is shopping around. Yes, your age, where you live, the make and model of your car, and your level of experience makes a difference, but you can't chance most of those factors; you can however try many different companies to find out which offers the best premium for you.
Information by: Hobbs

Car Insurance Groups

One of the biggest changes you can make to your insurance premiums is to choose a car with a low insurance group. Most drivers choose their cars for other reasons, but if your premiums are high, then a low insurance group will be an important factor.
Information by: Hobbs

Buying a new car

This section of The Car Club includes information about new cars, and offers advice to anyone considering the purchase of a new car.
Information by: Hobbs

New Toyota Cars

If you're onsidering a new Toyota car, this section will help you by providing information about the latest vehicles, and brings news of changes to the Toyota car line up.
Information by: Hobbs

New Ford Cars

Ford continue to be one of the biggest brands in the UK market thanks to their constant release of popular new models. Whatever market sector you're looking in, you'll almost certainly find a new Ford car that meets your requirements.
Information by: Hobbs

Buying a used car

Buying a used car now appears to be a more attractive financial proposition than it used to be. Our nation is becoming increasingly affluent and as a result more people are upgrading to the latest model, and their used car is for sale.
Information by: Hobbs

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