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New Toyota Cars

If you're onsidering a new Toyota car, this section will help you by providing information about the latest vehicles, and brings news of changes to the Toyota car line up.
Toyota have been going through a revoltion over the last few years. The company have embraced the need to revolutionise the motor industry - replacing the less environmentally friendly vehicles with more efficient new cars. So out went the much loved, but thirsty Toyota Supra, and, more recently, in came the tiny Aygo.
Toyota's policy is summed up by the slogan 'zeroise and minimise' which basically means they will remove waste wherever possible, and when it can't be removed completely they will reduce it to a minimum. And we're told this extends to every aspect of the business from design, through manufacture, sales and after sales service.
Although petrolheads are disappointed by the demise of the sports cars (the Celica and MR2 are both to follow the Supra into automotive history this year) environmentalists will be pleased to see a major manufacturer taking such a positive step.
The company still market one of the most capable off-road vehicles available and many will question how this fits into the Toyota policy; why scrap the relatively efficient Celica when you're offering such a gas guzzeler? We'd defend the vehicle's position in the line up because unlike some off roaders it's a serious vehicle that tends to be bought by people who really need a 4x4 vehicle.
So what else is new at Toyota? Well, firstly, if you still want a sports car both the Celica and MR2 are still available at the time of writing. And both are available in special editions which could become collectors items one day. The MR2 has a limited edition run down series with individual numbers, and the last of the Celica VVTLi models have been supercharged to add mid range torque.
In addition to the new Aygo (which is produced alongside equivalent models by Peugeot Citroen) Toyota have recently launched a major revision of the incredibly popular Yaris.
We've also just had a new model Avensis, and later this year the Corolla will be replaced by a new car which incredibly will have a new name; after 40 years, Toyota have finally decided that their most important car badge will be dropped.
Toyota have also recently released a new version of their Rav 4. The new model looks even better than the outgoing one and looks set to be popular, despite increasing competition in this sector from other companies.
Toyota's line up is completed by the Prius Hybrid which has been popular with a wide range of different people, though like other energy efficient vehicles it's hardly a mainstream product yet; It is however another exmaple of Toyota's drive to be at the forefront of a sustainable motor industry.
Toyota's people carrier range includes the verso versions of the mainstream models, plus the larger Previa model.
The whole car range is complemented by a series of Pickup vehicles and Vans.

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