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Buying a new car

This section of The Car Club includes information about new cars, and offers advice to anyone considering the purchase of a new car.
It seems there is more choice than ever for the new car buyer. Manufacturers are getting increasingly good at creating a huge variety of new cars by sharing components between the cars in their range, and in some cases sharing components with other companies.
It seems the car buyer wants choice and manufacturers are responding to this; in fact they're actively promoting it. In the past there were many more individual manufacturers, but in many ways there was less choice for the car buyer. Now, almost every manufacturer incldues a four wheel drive vehicle and at least one sports car in their line up. And the companies who traditionally specialised in sports cars are looking to broaden their range in the other direction.
Citroen Concept Car Rear [MotorShows 2002]
So how can you choose the right car for you from this wealth of opportunities? Our advice is to decide what's important to you, and then rule out all the vehicles that don't meet your requirements.
Once you've decided what type of vehicle you're looking for, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of that class of vehicle. For example, you might have decided that you want a four wheel drive off-roader, but have you considered how much that will cost compared to other alternatives - you're almost certainly going to pay more for petrol, insurance and tax compared to the cost of a smaller vehicle. And are you going to benefit from the off road capabilities of the vehicle.
You will also want to consider the relative security and safety of a particular class of vehicle.
Our objective guide to new cars aims to offer you advice on the relative merits of different types of vehicle, and brings you news of the latest cars from the major manufacturers.

Other Information

New Toyota Cars

If you're onsidering a new Toyota car, this section will help you by providing information about the latest vehicles, and brings news of changes to the Toyota car line up.
Information by: Hobbs

New Ford Cars

Ford continue to be one of the biggest brands in the UK market thanks to their constant release of popular new models. Whatever market sector you're looking in, you'll almost certainly find a new Ford car that meets your requirements.
Information by: Hobbs

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