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Car Insurance Groups

One of the biggest changes you can make to your insurance premiums is to choose a car with a low insurance group. Most drivers choose their cars for other reasons, but if your premiums are high, then a low insurance group will be an important factor.
Insurance groups affect your car insurance premiums significantly. For young motorists and drivers with a number of points on their licence, the insurance group is an important factor.
How much the group affects your premium varies by insurer; thus some companies offer better deals than others on the lowest risk cars, while others specialise in the high end of the market. But with any insurer, you can of course expect lower premiums on the lower insurance group cars.
Aston Martin Vanquish V12 [MotorShows 2004]
The group allocated to a particular car can also vary from one company to another. If an insurer has had more claims than usual on a particular model they may rate it higher than the 'typical' figures for that car.
And it's not just the model of car that determines its insurance group rating. For example, insurance groups for Ford's best selling Focus vary from just 4 through to 16. That one model therefore covers almost the entire spectrum of insurance groups with the 1.4 litre CL at the bottem end of the scale, right up to the 2 litre Focus RS which at 16 (or sometimes 17) will cost far more to insure.
The good news for older drivers who have good insurance records, is that you won't find a massive difference in price between the bottom of the scale and the top. With enough clean years driving behind you, the diffence in premium should only be a few hundred pounds between the lowest groups and the medium ones. However, once you reach the higher levels, you'll find that however good your record the premiums will be significant, and some insurers won't touch anything over a certain level. We found that about half the companies we talked to wouldn't cover a driver of a group 20 car, even if they had the maximum no claims bonus entitlement.

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Car Insurance Advice

As most drivers are aware, some form of insurance is required by law, but few think very much about their insurance until they need to call on it.
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Reducing Car Insurance Premiums

Apart from choosing the right level of cover, we feel that the most important factor in reducing your premium is shopping around. Yes, your age, where you live, the make and model of your car, and your level of experience makes a difference, but you can't chance most of those factors; you can however try many different companies to find out which offers the best premium for you.
Information by: Hobbs

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