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Car Insurance Advice

As most drivers are aware, some form of insurance is required by law, but few think very much about their insurance until they need to call on it.
Hopefully you never will need to make a claim, but unfortunately very few of us are lucky enough to have not made a single claim on their Car Insurance policy. And when a claim is necessary, the level of cover, quality of service and other factors are suddenly the important factors.
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The road traffic act sets out the minimum level of car insurance required by law to drive a motor vehicle on our roads. This, for most of us, means 'Third Party' cover which should provide compensation for any 'Third Parties' that are affected as a result of our actions on the roads (within limits). Note that this cover will not pay for damage to our own vehicle whoever is to blame for an accident. With this type of cover we normally have to pay for any damage ourselves, and if someone else was to blame them perhaps we can claim the cost of repairs from that 'Third Party'.
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Most of us opt for additional cover such as 'Third Party Fire and Theft' or 'Comprehensive'. 'Third Party Fire and Theft', as its name suggests adds cover for our our vehicle should it be stolen or damaged by fire. 'Comprehensive' is a slightly misleading name for policies which also provide a degree of cover for our own vehicles; the word to me implies that it covers everything, and every eventuality, when in fact it rarely does; cover levels vary from one insurer to another.

Which Insurance Policy

Which is the right policy for you will depend very much on your age and circumstances. Most younger drivers, particularly those with less expensive cars, find that 'Third Party Fire and Theft' is the best option.
When I first started driving, the extra cost of a comprehensive policy for my car was about 50% of the value of the vehicle which I couldn't afford to pay, and in fact wouldn't have paid even if money had been no object. Of course if through my own actions I'd written off my car I probably would have regretted that decision.
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Conversely, I now drive a more valuable car, but thanks to my age, and the fact that I have a number of years driving experience, the cost of comprehensive cover is a tiny fraction of my car's value. For most younger drivers this is the case, and therefore 'fully comp' insurance is a no-brainer.

Other Information

Reducing Car Insurance Premiums

Apart from choosing the right level of cover, we feel that the most important factor in reducing your premium is shopping around. Yes, your age, where you live, the make and model of your car, and your level of experience makes a difference, but you can't chance most of those factors; you can however try many different companies to find out which offers the best premium for you.
Information by: Hobbs

Car Insurance Groups

One of the biggest changes you can make to your insurance premiums is to choose a car with a low insurance group. Most drivers choose their cars for other reasons, but if your premiums are high, then a low insurance group will be an important factor.
Information by: Hobbs

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