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Welcome to The Car Club - a new club for car owners.
Currently, the club is in the process of being formed, and we're looking for people to help us get it off the ground. Sorry, we're not offering any financial rewards for this, you'll simply get the satisfaction of being involved in something new from the very start.
The Car Club is intended to be a place where car owners can meet online and share information, swap stories, arrange meets etc. Exactly how that's all going to work out is up to you. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in this new club.
We now have thousands of pictures of cars on the site. Please help us to organise them by rating the pics as you see fit. The system will prompt you with a pair of randomly selected photographs of cars. All we'd like you to do is to select the picture that most appeals to you. Your choice can be based on the car you prefer, or the picture, or a combination of both.
The system rates pictures of cars in the same way that international chess rankings are calculated. At any time, each picture has its own ranking. When you select one picture over another, the picture you select gains some ranking points from the other one. The number of points transferred depends on how big that car's rating was previously. Please visit our Car Picture Ranking System and help out by rating a few of our pictures. It will only take a few moments and it's a fun way to browse the best of our pictures of cars.
Mazda RX7 Convertible
The Car Club was formed by people who are, or have been, members of model and marque specific clubs. These clubs are great while you own that make of car, but if you sell your car and move to a different model, then you have to start again from fresh. With The Car Club you can move to a different model or marque and stay in touch with the people you have known for years.
This club isn't intended to replace model and marque specific clubs; we doubt we'll ever have the depth of information that these clubs have about specific cars. The marque specific sites tend to be more general than the model specific sites, and similarly we expect to be more general again. However, many topics apply equally to owners of all makes of car - for example driving regulations, certain types of fault, interest in motorsports etc, etc.
Toyota Supra Yellow [Donny Show 2006]
At this time, membership is free, and we very much hope that it will stay that way. We appreciate that members will want to retain their membership of other clubs, and won't want to pay to join a general club such as this. It's our belief that with a little bit of advertising on the site, and by carefully watching expenditure, there is no reason for us to expect anyone to pay a membership fee.
For more information about the club, please register your interest by joining The Car Club Forum. We welcome suggestions on what we should do to improve the club; it's very early days at present, and whilst we have lots of plans, we can always use your input. And if you're thinking that we have a long way to go before we are established, then you would be right; but please don't give up on us. this is a new venture and we hope to see it succeed.
BLMC Mini Black
Please check out the appropriate section for more info on the type of content we hope to develop for the club.

Other Information

Our Systems

At present, the car club website is created using a Content Manager produced by T600 Ltd and at present, we expect to continue to use this syste to maintain the site, though we are open to alternatives if we should find any problems with this option.
Information by: Hobbs

Proposed Rules

As with everything else, our rules aren't fully formulated at the present time. We expect we'll need a charter that defines what we expect from members and what they expect from us. We don't expect that will be too tricky as no money should be changing hands, though there are a few ground rules that need to be covered.
Information by: Hobbs

Language and Content Restrictions

As has been stated elsewhere, the major part of The Car Club is public domain, and as such should be free from profanities and NWS (Not Work Safe) content. This submission raises a question about normal content on the site.
Information by: Hobbs

Latest car news October 2006

Here are the latest headlines from the motoring world in October 2006. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the news items headlined here. And if you have any more details on any of these topics, or relevant photographs then please let us know.
Information by: Hobbs

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